Personal Stories


“I live everyday wondering… wondering when it will happen. When that last drive will take place. The keys entering into the ignition, the turn of the wrist, the start of the motor. The swirling in her head as she pulls out of the driveway. The jumping in her eyes, the alcohol does this, she can’t focus.” #saveyourvictim


“My sister is an alcoholic. I’ve followed the story of Matthew, more for what happened with his family, his sisters, his victim then actual concern for Matthew. My path with an alcoholic family member has made me less concerned for the actual alcoholic and more for those that surround them. I’ve watched from a distance, taking mental notes, looking at the expressions on your faces as the trial proceeded, as the video went viral. I’ve googled pictures of you all, hoping to get some clue – some tip on reaction. How to look, how to stand, how to cry.

I know it’s only a matter of time till I’m standing where you are. Standing there and looking at a family member that killed someone, took a life, ended a dream. We’ve been lucky, she’s been lucky, I’ve been lucky. I know this luck will run out… I wake with that every day.

Your story terrifies me and comforts me all at the same time. i don’t know what to do anymore, she’s an adult – no amount of begging, screaming, or pleading will change her. She hasn’t hit bottom, like I said, she’s very lucky. She hasn’t killed someone, yet. I know she will.

You are in my prayers and I hope I am in yours. Thank you for your strength and courage, thank you for speaking out and being public. Thank you for touching my soul. I don’t feel as alone, but still lonely in the fact that tragedy is knocking on my door.” #saveyourvictim


“Hi my name is Cathy Powers and my 19 year old son Nicholas Alex Powers and is serving time at Pickaway with Matt. Like Matt he was behind the wheel driving impaired, he was huffing air duster and passed out behind the wheel. He crashed into another car killing an elderly couple. He was 20 miles from home and the victims lived a while down the road from us. Alex will be serving 10 years for this one big mistake. Alex’s accident happened on June 28th at 2:00 in the afternoon. This is a day that I will never forget. So many lives were changed that day. I remember seeing the news coverage of Matt’s accident during this time. I could write a book on here about how crushed and broken hearted I am but I am sure you know my feelings all to well. Alex is a good kid with a big heart and I am scared that somewhere down the road this will be lost. The victims family see him as a monster. I know they are hurt and angry and I do understand this but my boy is not the person that was behind the wheel that day. O.k. sorry for my rambling but I do want you all to know that having your son up there with mine has helped him tremendously. Alex speaks very highly of how helpful and positive Matt has been for him and I like you know there is an answer why in all of this but we just don’t know what it is yet. Thank you.” #saveyourvictim