2 years ago on August 31, 2012 my ex husband and the father of my 3 kids, went out to celebrate his 30th birthday. He ran a stop sign at 65mph and t-boned a SUV. Both him and his passenger were thrown from the car. He had a BAC of .08. Because of the lack of oxygen to his brain, he is not the same happy, go lucky, father of 3. His body can move, but his feet will never carry his 6’5 body across a threshold. His eyes are open, but there is no life in them. His ears can hear, but his lips will never speak. He is simply a body on a bed.

The kids love their dad, and ache to just hear one word from him. He will never be at their graduation, he will never be at their wedding, he will never give them a hug or kiss. He is simply a body on a bed.

And the hardest part is hearing my kids cry at night knowing I, as their mother, can not fix their pain, hearing my kids ask “why?” knowing there is no answer, hearing my kids say “I love you, dad” knowing their dad will never say it back.
This is my reality because he is simply a body on a bed.

He made the choice that night to drink and drive. He took his life into his own hands, while endangering everyone else on the road. Some say he got what he deserved because he was the “dumbass” who choose to do something so pointless, but I ask you did my kids deserve it? Do my kids deserve to live their life without him? Tell me would you be able to look my kid in the eye and tell them to “get over it?” What would you tell your kids, if you were wearing my shoes?

Think about who you would be hurting, if you choose to drink and drive. Drinking and Driving affects all of the people involved not just the family of the person you could kill, it affects the drunk driver’s family, friends, and loved ones too.
The choice to drink and drive is never a smart one, please think about who your choice is going to hurt when things go horribly wrong. Think about who is going to tell your family, you aren’t coming home.

Please remember to never drink and drive, the life you save just might be your own.