Matt’s Story

New Site To Help Everyone Get Home Safe

In the weeks after Matt released his video confession, “I Killed A Man”, much of the spotlight was on Matt and his story; however, his purpose was not to be in the spotlight. In his video he said: “I’m begging you…please don’t drink and drive.” He knew at that moment he couldn’t reverse his actions or bring back his victim, but he could help people watching make smarter decisions and possibly save a life.

This new web site gets us one step closer to that mission. As you click through you’ll still find the blog posts Matt writes from jail; however, this site offers so much more.

On it you’ll find resources to help you, your friends and family get home safely and, we hope, the inspiration to share your own story. After all, your story could inspire someone else to make the decision never to drink and drive.

We’ll continue to update it with blog posts, ways you can spread the word, news from the organization and personal stories from people impacted by drunk driving.

While Matt’s story is old news, unfortunately too many other stories of innocent people killed by drunk drivers are there to take the place. This message is more important than ever. Save your victim. Please don’t drink and drive.


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