A social movement to prevent drunk driving and make sure EVERYONE gets home safe.




Save Your Victim was born out of a tragic summer night in June 2013 when two lives collided and were forever changed.

Matthew Cordle made a choice to get in his car after a night of drinking and drove the wrong way down the highway. He hit and killed Vincent Canzani. A man, father and friend who, by no fault of his own, became a victim of drunk driving.

In the days and months following, Matthew resolved to make it his mission to take responsibility for his actions and spread the message that we all have a choice when it comes to drinking and driving. We can choose not to get behind the wheel. We can call a cab, call a friend, take a bus and save a life. We can save our victim.

This site provides resources for finding a safe ride home and a forum for people to share their stories and honor victims. Our hope is that through sharing these stories we have the power to change how people think about drinking and driving and inspire people to make a choice not to get behind the wheel.