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New Year 2015: Matthew

New Year’s – For obvious reasons this year has been an extremely difficult time in my life, I’ve spent the whole year incarcerated and have missed out on the things that makes life so precious. I’ve lost people close to me and will continue to lose more as the years go on. I don’t think of holidays at all, because it is painful both knowing that I took away someone’s holdays with their family forever and I’ve taken myself away from my loved ones for a long time. The New Year is especially important to me though, it signifies me closer to getting out of this place, which becomes every prisoner’s ultimate goal, but it also makes me think of the promises I have made and if I am working towards being better as I leave here. My resolution for 2015 is to simply be better, to be more. I was a horrible son to my parents, a horrible sibling to my sisters, a horrible friend to my friends, and I was a horrible man to my girlfriend who I lost and miss more than anything which really caused me to reflect a lot. I’m not hard on myself for this because I have needed to adjust and adapt to this tough situation that I put myself in and I’ve been working out the bumps along the way and the people that really want to be in my life and love me have understood that and stood by my side unfailingly. This year I want to be better for them, I want to be there in whatever way I can as far as loving, supporting, and caring for them since I cannot be there physically for them. I want to be a constant in their lives where they know they can talk to me and not be judged but always find love and caring there, because that’s when I’m at my best. I want to continue to increase and better myself so I can be the best man I can be for the one’s I love and bring them as much happiness as they have given me. That’s my resolution for 2015. As always, everyone remember to celebrate the New Year in a safe way with the people that really matter.

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  1. Marg - August 15, 2015 2:51 pm

    You can be a better person for them when you become accepting of yourself. You were created by a truly compassionate and merciful creator who has never once left your side. When you surrender all such a peace and freedom will come to you in time.


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