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Most people agree drinking and driving is dangerous. And yet, every day of every month of every year people make the decision to drink and get behind the wheel. The consequences are fatal.
Make sure everyone has a safe, sober ride home.


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Matt's Story

Matt is serving a 6.5-year prison sentence for hitting and killing Vincent Canzani while driving drunk.
Read his latest post from prison.

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I have always known that i did not like alcohol. I didn’t like what it can do to people. I did try it once, but i did not like the taste. And everyone knew that I didn’t like alcohol, especially when it comes to drinking and driving. To think that it would happen to me still shocks me to this day.

The incident was about 4 years ago, on January 2, 2011, on a rainy night, I was the victim of a drunk driving accident. I was heading home from work around 7:30pm, when I was T-boned by a drunk driver. I do not remember what had happened because I was knocked unconscious when I was hit and I was in a Coma for 3 days, then when I woke, I was put into a medical-induced coma. The last memory I had before the accident was from Christmas of 2010. I suffered a major-head trauma and a punctured lung. While in the hospital, I had to relearn how to walk again, and my mental functions have been impaired.
I was a lucky one. I count my blessings because I could have fared a lot worst, as a victim of a drunk driving accident. I am lucky to have only spent 3 days in a coma, and to have only spent 20 days in the hospital. I am lucky that I suffered no lasting physical damage.
Its bothers me that this kind of thing could happen to anyone. I was doing everything right that night: I don’t drink, I had my seat-belt on, I had a green light, but the next moment i was unconscious in my car bleeding from my head.

After I was out of the hospital, I was given the photos of my car, and the police report from my accident. I had no memory of the accident, that maybe a good thing, but i wanted to know what happened that night. Looking at the photos of my crashed vehicle and to read my police report, I can not imagine what the other witnesses saw that night. The one line in the report that scared both me and my father, was one line that wrote “the accident could be fatal for the driver, Cheung.” Also in the accident report, it wrote the drunk driver stated that he had only 2 glasses of wine that night, but he blew a 0.085. It goes on to describe the DUI investigation the officers did on the driver.

After this accident, it made me more adamant against drinking and driving. As much as i can do, I only wish that my friends took this more seriously, because someone that they know (me) was a victim of drinking and driving.


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