Making sure EVERYONE gets home safe.

Our Mission

Find a Safe Ride

Most people agree drinking and driving is dangerous. And yet, every day of every month of every year people make the decision to drink and get behind the wheel. The consequences are fatal.
Make sure everyone has a safe, sober ride home.


Find a Safe Ride

Matt's Story

Matt is serving a 6.5-year prison sentence for hitting and killing Vincent Canzani while driving drunk.
Read his latest post from prison.

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“I used to (drink and drive) all the time. Then I was almost arrested for a DUI. That was my moment of ‘this just isn’t worth it.’ Six months later my children’s dad went through a windshield and became a vegetable when he was drinking and driving. 4 1/2 months later my brother was in a similar wreck. Now I run a victim impact panel for MADD in the city of Victorville California talking to other people who have gotten DUI’s. It is not a joke gambling with your life and the lives of others when you drink and drive.” #saveyourvictim


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