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Most people agree drinking and driving is dangerous. And yet, every day of every month of every year people make the decision to drink and get behind the wheel. The consequences are fatal.
Make sure everyone has a safe, sober ride home.


Find a Safe Ride

Matt's Story

Matt is serving a 6.5-year prison sentence for hitting and killing Vincent Canzani while driving drunk.
Read his latest post from prison.

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On February 9th, 2013, my life changed. Through a series of unfortunate events, a bunch of friends and I ended up in a ditch on the side of the road in front of a strangers yard. It was 1am and we were in the middle of a snow storm. We were careful for cars zooming on the slick snowy roads, and made sure to not stand too close to the roads. But all of our precaution wasn’t enough. After about half an hour to 45 minutes of being stranded, I remember hearing my friend scream. I don’t remember what I was doing or where exactly I was standing at that moment, but the only thing I remember was seeing a white sedan coming straight at me. The way the driver swerved off the road almost seeming like it was intentional. She wasn’t driving recklessly until she was  close to us. There was nothing i could do. The car and my body collided. Nothing was in slow motion. It was fast and dark. I almost felt like or at least my perception was that I was run over, because of how dark it all seemed. Next thing I knew, I was laying in the snow behind everyone. I was the first person to get hit and I was thrown the farthest away from my initial impact. What pursued was the normal screaming, crying, and dialing of 911. I wasn’t in noticeable pain initially, but i couldn’t move. I wiggled my toes and my fingers to make sure I wasn’t paralyzed. That night was terrifying. I was carried inside to wait for the ambulance to come. I have never been in so much pain. I knew there was something wrong with my shoulder. I was told not to go to sleep in the ambulance out of fear of not waking up. My arm was so swollen, my coat had to be cut off. I wasn’t given any painkillers because they thought I was still 17 years old and needed my parents permission apparently, but even though they thought I was still 17, they never even tried to get in contact with my family. I was alone. I tried having my friends mother contact my family. No one answered. The first person that answered the phone was my stepmother, who lives in florida. The accident was in Pennsylvania. I had completely fractured my upper humerus, shattered the head of my humerus and dislocated my shoulder. I had surgery and have a metal plate in a arm as well as this huge scar since I didn’t heal very well. Even though it is still a year and a half later I am still dealing with the whole legal process. It was her second DUI, and all I want is an apology.


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